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Posted by samurai7694 - November 22nd, 2008

I have 2 accounts on Newgrounds, but I abandoned them both. so now I'm starting brand new. I decided to start reviewing content that gets submitted into Newgrounds daily and decide whether or not this flash project should belong in Newgrounds or not.

Basic Guideline for Flash newbies:

1. DO NOT SUBMIT 20 SEC. GARBAGE INTO NEWGROUNDS! If it lacks animation, sound, a plot, a(n) protagonist/antagonist, color, emotions, and effort, then don't bother submitting. If you submit anyways, you will be pounded by bad/harsh reviews by users and get your flash blammed. Trust me, I used to be these kind of people.

2. DO NOT SUBMIT SCREAMERS! Most people hate them, and they are frowned upon in most websites, especially Newgrounds. If you submit a screamer, I will kill you :)

3. DO NOT GET VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE AND USE THEM AS YOUR FLASH MOVIE! If it's not your work, then don't submit it. It's a no-brainer.

4. DO NOT SUBMIT FAKE HENTAI! I hate it when people name their flash movie "HOT NARUTO HENTAI XXX FUCK" and it ends up being a 100 kb flash movie with nothing at all. You should probably kill yourself if you ever do that in Newgrounds.

5. RESTRAIN YOURSELF FROM MAKING SPRITE MOVIES! They are overused now, and us users in Newgrounds are desperately searching for more original flash movies with custom animation and drawings. I find sprite movies a cheap shot because you simply go frame by frame posting different pictures instead of doing hand-drawn masterpieces. I personally enjoy sprite movies like "Liu Kang Crossover", but sprite movies are getting old. Catch my drift?

6. FIND GOOD QUALITY VOICE ACTORS/ACTRESSES! Don't get your 3 year old to do the voice of Princess Peach on your Mario flash movie. Search the internet for a forum that contains desperate voice actors/actresses willing to do the voice of characters in flash movies or flash games. Just give them an audition line, and they'll send you a voice clip of themselves reciting your audition lines. You just simply find the voice that's perfect for your flash, and you tell that person "You're hired!" and voila! You have earned yourself a voice actor/actress for one of your characters!

7. SEARCH FLASH TUTORIALS ON THE WEB. THEY MAY HELP YOU EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL IN MAKING FLASH CARTOONS/GAMES! Actionscripts can be a toughie when you first deal with them, but finding a tutorial on Flash actionscripting may help you fully understand the basic function of the code and it's command. Also, if you want to learn how to properly animate, then search the web on animation tutorials for Flash, and in several days you should be able to handle flash animation like a pro!

8. IF YOU ARE WORKING ON A BIG PROJECT, CHANGE THE SOLO WORK TO A COLLABORATION. Trust me. It feels good when you work as a team, and teamwork helps you finish you and your partner's project quicker. But who says a collaboration is limited to 2 users maximum? Heck, you can do a project involving 10 users. Collaborations will most likely increase your chances of getting your project into Newgrounds, as long as your group is reliable, trustworthy, and skilled.

9. MOST IMPORTANTLY: GET A PRELOADER! You can find them in a lot of places, especially right here at Newgrounds. You can find them here: http://www.newgrounds.com/downloads/pr eloaders/

Whew, I pretty much wrapped things up. I got tired writing all of this up! I strongly recommend you read these guidlines if you are new to Flash, whether it's Flash MX, or Flash CS4, or Flash 5. After working on several projects, whether it's a game or a cartoon, in time, you will feel comfortable with Flash, and eventually, you might get your project featured into the front page of Newgrounds.com with the list of Featured Games or Featured Movies!

Have a nice day! - samurai7694